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Old 02-10-2013, 10:49 AM
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Default removing oil pan without removing engine

hey i have looked on the internet for an answer to this i have a 2001 chevy s10 2.2l 2wd and you can remove the oil pan without removing the engine first i had the transmission and starter removed unbolt the oil pan and break the gasket. after that slide the pan towards the back of the truck as far as you can. no with a flashlight look at the oil pump there will be 2 big bolts that are 15mm looking at it from behind the oil pan remove the bolt in the middle not the one on the corner. now pull down on the oil pump and rotate it counterclockwise and slide the oil pan back some more rotate the oil pump again and the pan will just slide out like butter. then put the bolt back in with the oil pan out clean the pan real good. silicone a new gasket on and bolt the sucker back on easy as pie.
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